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Posted by Domingue on Nov 18, 2016
Category: Other

Congratulations to the following students on being members of the 2016 Acadiana High Winterguard! Varsity Alex Noel- Capt. Morgan Broussard- Capt. Sati Pitre Anna Fontenot Adria Lemoins Kaelyn Moore Reagan Broussard Kevia Bazile Emily Thibodeaux Junior Varsity Hailee Mouton- Capt. Valerie Altamirano- Co-Capt. Madison Gordy Kassidy Burleigh-Noel AJ Staub Alexis Racca Satiesha Wesley Mackenzie Grubb V'Nyia Dixon Amya Davis Maiya Charles Jailyn Castille Baleigh Gann Ariel Bergeron Trystyn Landry Chloe Credeur Heaven Hoskins Thanks to all who auditioned!

Posted by Domingue on Jul 17, 2016
Category: Updates/Reminders

REMINDERS FOR TOMORROW: Everyone must eat breakfast! Please refrain from drinking carbonated beverages for the next two weeks of camp. New marchers and section leaders should report between 8:30 and 8:45. Please do not be late. It starts at 9. Everyone else should report before 1 P.M. New marchers can bring lunch and supper or have it dropped off to them. We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Posted by Domingue on Jul 8, 2016
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Just a friendly reminder that next week we will have a lot going on! Monday is our AHS leadership day (officers only) and private lessons. Tuesday is the Leadership seminar at LHS (mandatory for officers). Wednesday through Friday is percussion and guard camp! Also, don't forget July 18-22 is Pre-Camp. We will be having a Pre Camp swimming party on the 22nd this year! More info to come on that. Seniors your jacket fitting will be Thursday July 21st at 8a.m. in the chorus room. You will NOT be allowed to try on a jacket if you still owe band fees from last year. We will have our "marching shoe fitting" Friday July 22nd at 9a.m. in the band room. Bunkie is right around the corner July 25 through July 29th. We will have our annual band dance and pool party there as well this year. I hope that the band is as excited about this upcoming year as Mr. Hochkeppel and I are! Get those instruments out and start working on the show music.