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Posted by Domingue on Oct 30, 2015
Category: Other

Due to weather we will NOT be going to competition Saturday. Practice is still on for TODAY from 3 to 6 at the stadium. Wear red and green shirts. Very important practice, SHOWCASE is next weekend. Come pumped up!

Posted by Domingue on Oct 23, 2015
Category: Other

Remember that report time today is 4:45 and inspection is at 5:15. You may want to get to the band room a little early. Mr. Domingue will open the band room around 3:45. Please remember what we worked on yesterday in practice. We will be performing postgame.

Posted by Domingue on Oct 19, 2015
Category: Other

4:15-Report to AHS band room
4:45-Inspection. Full uniform minus hats.
5:00-Depart for ULL.
5:30-Arrive at ULL. Unload trailers. Grab hats, mirrors, and feathers.
6:00-Warm up
6:45-Group meeting
7:00-Start moving towards tunnel.
7:30-Best District performance in years!
8:45-Awards Ceremony
9:00-Dismissal from ULL
Other info
-Students will have time after school to go eat. Please do so before our 4:15 report time.
-We are wearing our dri-fit shirts. We will go through inspection prior to loading buses. You need to be fully dressed minus your hat, feather, mirror.
-After our performance, we will block back to the trailers. If you are going down on the field for awards, you will need to stay in uniform because they start shortly after our performance. If you are not going down for awards, you will need to stay in bibbers and your dri-fit shirt. Do not ask to change, as we will not have time.
-After awards, we will report back to trailers to change. No one is dismissed until all trailers are fully loaded.
-There will be buses provided for the band to get to ULL. However, everyone is responsible for their own ride after. You MUST be picked up from ULL not AHS. Have rides at Cajun Field no later than 9 PM unless you want Mr. Hochkeppel to yell through the megaphone.